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Multi chamber
drum crusher

  Technical Specifications  
  Baler Dimensions  
  Height 1.978m  
  Width 2.050m  
  Depth 0.820m  
  Weight 562kgs  
  Transportation Height 1.978m  
  Power Supply single Phase 220-240v Volt  
  Motor 1.5kw  
  Pressing Force Up to 3.5 Tonnes  
  Noise Level 72 Decibels  
  Loading Aperture Sizes  
  Width 0.70m  
  Depth 0.50m  
  Bale Dimensions  
  Height 1m  
  Width 0.70m  
  Depth 0.50m  
  Weight 75 Kgs  
  Cycle Time 35 seconds  
Compact 75 Multi Chanber Baler
75 Multi
  • Save handling time with a chamber free load while other chamber compacts
  • Perfect for positioning in environments with height restrictions
  • Roller guided head for ease of movement
  • Optional Extras: lifting trolly
  • Retaining claws to prevent spring back
  • Can bale two seperate materials similtaniously e.g cardboard and plastic
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